Performance nervous system

Your Top Performance is locked within your instinctual movement neuro-programming!

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There is more, much more information still untapped within our neuro-sensory-motor programming!

There is more, much more ability still untapped within our neuro-sensory-motor programming!


True Primal Training - Neuro FunC

Neuro FunC - Dominate Your Instincts

The small postural errors we all posses are in reality aspects of our Instinctual Movement Systems that did not develop correctly! 95% of our Instinctual Movement System are NOT HUMAN and so are related to past evolutionary or PRIMITIVE movements that did not develop correctly while the embryo was developing. By awaking, strengthening and DOMINATING these primitive neuro-postural programs we free our true human potential!!!

Leg cross flexion extension rehabilitation

A new Era for Rehabilitation is now possible through our Instinctual Movement Neuro-Programming

By using our brains own Neuro-programming it is possible to not only reduce pain and almost immediately eliminate tendon/ligament inflammation but also reduce recovery time and put the public and athletes back on their feet BETTER than before!

Neuro FunC applied in the schools for learning and concentration.

We call it Neurological Training for Optimal Wellness or NOW Kids! Modern Neuro-Science is learning day by day that the instinctual movement programming or neuro-sensory-motor programming creates the neuro-infrastructure for all higher cerebral functions.

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Thesis - Neuro Functional Training - Stefania Petenzi

Video In Italian - New Era of Human Potenzial

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Performance nervous system

Your Top Performance is locked within your instinctual movement neuro-programming!

We can train away most of our personal postural quirks with time and repetition. But when we are under pressure too many times our 'dark side' takes over. This is because we have been working with the conscious ability to move and not the instinctual ability. The instinctual ability to move and react to stimulus is an unconscious ability and needs to be dealt with in a special way.

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ZPT – Courses

Zero Point Technique Logo

Zero Point Technique is the neurological version of what would be usually considered Asian influenced ‘energetic’ and/or ‘meridian’ modalities.

However we use the neurological connections between muscle and organs governed by first the Enteric System than the Central Nervous System. These two main neurological system run the entire body and, from what we have experienced, can be re-balanced and aligned to their natural and healthy states for improving in tangible ways our general global and specific wellbeing.

ZPT101   (3 days)

Introduction Level – Covers the most important aspects of this modern neurological approach to releasing our true neurological potential and creates the common language terminology that is necessary in order to understand and communicate clearly and without misinterpretation. Most import is the practical time spent performing the actual evolutionary (primal) neuro-functional movements which makes up a amount of the course.

  • Key terminology for neuro-sensory-motor and electric body concepts
  • The GHIMPR System
    • General Theory – all levels
    • Myofascial meridians as the ‘power’ system
    • Myofascial Articulation Control Clusters (MyARCs) for ‘navigation’
    • Tensegrity and Postural and Dynamic Neurology
    • Neuro-Postural Psycho Analysis – emotional and behavioral problems associated with the evolutionary postural and movement patterns
  • Neuro FunC
    • Practical exercises to initiate understanding and perfection of the basic 15 movements and postures
    • Understanding how to perceive these ancestral postures and how they influence the human posture
    • Understanding how to perceive these ancestral postures and how they influence the human behavior and emotions
    • Basics on ‘Sensory’ stimulation to activate motor response
    • Perception of the HEALTHY posture vs. DYSFUNCTIONAL posture
  • Basic concepts of the ‘Electric Body’
    • Enteric Nervous System
    • CNS as neuro-sensory-motor central command
    • Neuro-postural and movement circuitry flow chart (general)
      • Golgi
      • PNS
      • CNS
      • Spinal Reflexes
    • True Bio-mechanics – mechanical ‘only’ locally, true bio-mechanisms neurologically controlled
    • Body/muscle fibers as electrical in nature for power, agility, tension (cramp) reduction
    • Application of ‘Electric Body’ concepts for
      • Performance enhancement
      • Balancing muscle tone (eliminating deep tissue tensions)
      • Releasing tendon tension/inflammation

ZPT210   (2days)       prerequisite; ZPT101

For any one wanting to learn how to caringly touch in the deepest way persons in your life. Whether you are a mom, dad, physical therapist, massage therapist or chiropractor this course will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

By reducing these stress alarms our natural ‘happy’ hormones, like oxytocin, start to take over. Being strong anti-oxidants these hormones are able to start the healing process using our own bio-chemical processes that have taken millions and millions of years to refine and perfect!

We go over the most basic of the N-KOR treatments in order to reduce the most common stress accumulated from our life and diet. These stresses are the cause of what are common everyday pains and aches like;

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Stomach pain/acidity
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Depression

And improve ones;

  • General Posture
  • General Wellbeing
  • Concentration
  • Behavior
  • Joyfulness
  • Family situation
  • Work situation
  • Learning ability

ZPT220   (2days)       prerequisite; ZPT101

This is a more technical course about integrating the myofascial meridians, myofascial articulation clusters and their neuro-programming for professional therapists working with rehab on any level.

We give you the new skills needed to completely change your patients recovery curve and pain level even after the serious surgery and injuries of the feet and knees. The secret is in how to use the Golgi Nerves to and their neuro-programming to release the trauma ‘protection’ response and re-organise the proper neuro-programming for proper innervation, circulation and nutrition for healing and recovery as never known before!

You will be able to;

  • Radically reduce swelling in only a couple of sessions
  • Radically reduce pain levels after only a few sessions
  • Improve ability to regain proprioceptive and motor skills
  • New training exercises to strengthen the process

ZPT230   (2days)       prerequisite; ZPT101

For parents and care givers of neurologically injured children and adults.

This course goes though the first and most important treatments and training exercises for persons with mid-brain disorders. The treatments will gives our participants the ability to understand and re-start the natural evolution of the nervous system and in particular the neuro-sensory-motor programming to release the true potential just waiting to come out.

The Enteric Nervous is the starting point as it seems that calming the Enteric Nervous System calms and relaxes the mind/body so that the other systems can than be integrated! After the Enteric Integration we look at the ‘Reptilian Stage’ arm and leg movements to release the tension in these systems that create a great deal of insecurity blocking ones ability to ‘Learn’ due to the ‘fear’ alarms being so strong.

This approach has shown to be of such great influence over Cerebral Palsy, Down etc persons that even in ‘older’ children great changes have happened even at 10-15 years of age!

ZPT310   (2days)       prerequisite; ZPT101

ZPT320   (2days)       prerequisite; ZPT101

ZPT330   (2days)       prerequisite; ZPT230

For parents and care givers of neurologically injured children and adults with cerebral palsey