Performance nervous system

Your Top Performance is locked within your instinctual movement neuro-programming!

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There is more, much more information still untapped within our neuro-sensory-motor programming!

There is more, much more ability still untapped within our neuro-sensory-motor programming!


True Primal Training - Neuro FunC

Neuro FunC - Dominate Your Instincts

The small postural errors we all posses are in reality aspects of our Instinctual Movement Systems that did not develop correctly! 95% of our Instinctual Movement System are NOT HUMAN and so are related to past evolutionary or PRIMITIVE movements that did not develop correctly while the embryo was developing. By awaking, strengthening and DOMINATING these primitive neuro-postural programs we free our true human potential!!!

Leg cross flexion extension rehabilitation

A new Era for Rehabilitation is now possible through our Instinctual Movement Neuro-Programming

By using our brains own Neuro-programming it is possible to not only reduce pain and almost immediately eliminate tendon/ligament inflammation but also reduce recovery time and put the public and athletes back on their feet BETTER than before!

Neuro FunC applied in the schools for learning and concentration.

We call it Neurological Training for Optimal Wellness or NOW Kids! Modern Neuro-Science is learning day by day that the instinctual movement programming or neuro-sensory-motor programming creates the neuro-infrastructure for all higher cerebral functions.

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Thesis - Neuro Functional Training - Stefania Petenzi

Video In Italian - New Era of Human Potenzial

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Performance nervous system

Your Top Performance is locked within your instinctual movement neuro-programming!

We can train away most of our personal postural quirks with time and repetition. But when we are under pressure too many times our 'dark side' takes over. This is because we have been working with the conscious ability to move and not the instinctual ability. The instinctual ability to move and react to stimulus is an unconscious ability and needs to be dealt with in a special way.

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Technical Services

The Neuro FunC Training Program forms the center point for many different aspects of our Human ‘existence’. Neuro FunC has the unique ability to ‘reprogram’, through certain movements associated with the instinctual movement patterns of our evolutionary forefathers, basic body, organ, psychological functions. These movement patterns are ‘hardwired’ to certain behavioral neuro-programming as well. As we all know that if we are scared or angry we go into fight flight or freeze mode and this starts a whole series of biochemical reactions, not the least our hormonal/endocrine system. So with one approach we are able to make very serious impacts in many of the important Human posture/biological/physiological/organic/emotional/psyche functions.

This is no magic cure and serious problems need the help of health professionals and even Medical Doctors. So use Neuro FunC properly and with respect for yourself and your own personal growth curve.

To learn more about how we are applying this wonderful new understanding of this non-invasive open technique based on the Evolutionary Human Neurological Development click on one of the following choices that most interests you. And please do contact us on FaceBook or e-mail or by calling directly, we look forward to answering any question and finding out how we may assist you, personally and professionally!