Performance nervous system

Your Top Performance is locked within your instinctual movement neuro-programming!

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There is more, much more information still untapped within our neuro-sensory-motor programming!

There is more, much more ability still untapped within our neuro-sensory-motor programming!


True Primal Training - Neuro FunC

Neuro FunC - Dominate Your Instincts

The small postural errors we all posses are in reality aspects of our Instinctual Movement Systems that did not develop correctly! 95% of our Instinctual Movement System are NOT HUMAN and so are related to past evolutionary or PRIMITIVE movements that did not develop correctly while the embryo was developing. By awaking, strengthening and DOMINATING these primitive neuro-postural programs we free our true human potential!!!

Leg cross flexion extension rehabilitation

A new Era for Rehabilitation is now possible through our Instinctual Movement Neuro-Programming

By using our brains own Neuro-programming it is possible to not only reduce pain and almost immediately eliminate tendon/ligament inflammation but also reduce recovery time and put the public and athletes back on their feet BETTER than before!

Neuro FunC applied in the schools for learning and concentration.

We call it Neurological Training for Optimal Wellness or NOW Kids! Modern Neuro-Science is learning day by day that the instinctual movement programming or neuro-sensory-motor programming creates the neuro-infrastructure for all higher cerebral functions.

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Thesis - Neuro Functional Training - Stefania Petenzi

Video In Italian - New Era of Human Potenzial

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Performance nervous system

Your Top Performance is locked within your instinctual movement neuro-programming!

We can train away most of our personal postural quirks with time and repetition. But when we are under pressure too many times our 'dark side' takes over. This is because we have been working with the conscious ability to move and not the instinctual ability. The instinctual ability to move and react to stimulus is an unconscious ability and needs to be dealt with in a special way.

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Sports Services



Get your own personal instinctual neuro-training program! Contact us, it is easier than you might think!

Too often athletes learn of Neuro FunC when they already have a problem to resolve. Usually these problems are chronic and influence negatively on their performance and particularly on their training. Neuro FunC‘s unique way of using our neurological programs to recalibrate our natural posture and coordination relieving chronically tense or weak muscles and improving postural (feet/knees/hips/spine/shoulders/neck/arms/hands) problems that many of our colleagues have difficulty resolving. So whether you are currently in difficulty or  want to push your bodies limits to where you KNOW YOU CAN PERFORM. we would be very honored to help in any way possible. Remember, ‘Your Passion is Our Mission’!!


Technical Staff

Are you ready to take you team to the next level?

With Neuro FunC in your toolbox of tricks you won’t believe what happens to your athletes!

Our Technical Staff Program offers different educational programs for discovering how one may use the instinctual neuro-programming within us all to further enhance your present system. Often times the difference is only a slight change in perspective and yet the results are profound. We cooperate with various coaches/trainers already using our systems and are part of our program to share their knowledge/experience with you!



Protect and grow your investment! Contact us and find out just how we are helping Agents like yourself.

Don’t just see your athletes as commercial objects to use today and throw away tomorrow. These athletes have a lot more to give, than already are, and we can help you release this ability for everybody’s best!

Neuro FunC‘s Neuro-Exam and Treatment Program can help sports Agents understand the strengths and weaknesses of their athletes. Agents more than any other professional around an athlete is economically affected by their performance, on and off the playing field. Keeping your athletes healthy and ‘in the game’ is to both yours and the athletes benefit. Our neuro-treatments not only keeps your income base stable but because of the deep psychological benefits of a healthy neurological system YOUR athletes WILL SHINE with  expression/passion and great sportsmanship which is always a crowd pleaser and sponsors respect this attitude greatly.


Club Owners

This service for Club Owners is one of our strongest aspects in helping clubs to secure their investment in young talented athletes. So called ‘unforeseen’ injuries can always happen. However, Neuro FunC with its exclusive Neuro-Exam is capable of looking deeper into an athletes’ neurology than is currently available elsewhere. The neuro-science behind our exam allows us to not only reassure Club Owners of an athletes current physical situation but also his FUTURE RISK OF SUFFERING AN INJURY. Athletes with healthy neuro-motor and neuro-sensory systems are statistically MUCH LESS likely to be injured. Neuro FunC has the experience and knowledge to clearly diagnose an athletes neurology and what possible, if any, neuro-treatment may address any discrepancies. For more info see Risk Analysis